Star - Health & Safety Centre

Health & Safety is our "Number One" priority

Star can offer you the following - 

  • Operations - Site set-up and guidance for Management
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Accident Investigations
  • Training
  • On going investment to constantly improve our health and safety culture.

Stop, Think, Assess Risks

Our approach to Health & Safety Management is uncompromising, whether installing a new plant for a customer or operating and managing a plant on their behalf, all DUO Staff and contractors operate to the safety standards set down in the company's Health & Safety policy and management system.

We set high standards for both ourselves and our supply chain and can demonstrate year-on-year improvements in our safety performance. Our comprehensive Safety Management System is based on and meets HSE guidance and clearly defines responsibilities, lines of reporting, procedures, monitoring arrangements and training requirements. Enforcement of the system is through a top-down regime of inspection and auditing at all levels within the organisation.

Star our Health & Safety Centre has been successful in establishing a level of culture which includes a forum which allows for the sharing of experiences, knowledge and best practice across all of our operating companies and departments through a basic system of "All singing from the same song-sheet".

We at DUO do not believe that Health & Safety is just ‘common sense'. Star is totally committed to ensuring that as an organisation we fully understand and accept that successful Health & Safety performance can only be achieved by the full development of an effective health & safety culture championed from the top, with training and investment in Health & Safety as a top priority.