Powerscrub Range

The Powerscreen® Powerscrub range takes washing one step further by providing high speed scrubbing of heavily contaminated material to produce cleaner material at a faster rate. The Powerscrub range is designed with a trough and two axles with interchangeable blades and paddles which intensively mix the material. Friction from this process breaks down feed contaminates and allows scrubbed material to be stockpiled.

Features & Benefits:

  • Output potential up to 200 tph (220 US tph)
  • Heavy duty robust construction
  • 2 high output electrical motors power the inclined rotating shafts to rigorously scrub the material
  • Material bed in the hull prevents wear in the steel trough
  • Low water consumption
  • Remote greasing to all bearings
  • Interchangeable high tensile blades
  • Water flushed lower bearings prevent wear or damage from small particles
  • Elevated spray bar, constantly add's water to the material
  • Agitation encourages light particles, slits and clays to float through the water exit
  • Rubber lined input chute
  • Safety flow-forge panel's over shafts
  • Lifting points attached to sides of hull for carriage


  • Galvanised structure
  • Modular mat fitted to discharge chute with two spray bars and catchbox
  • Static or mobile
  • Walkways on either side
  • Polyurethane screen and catch box at discharge end
  • Sieve mesh fitted in water outlet boxes
  • Electrical control panel
  • 6m (20") discharge conveyor



120 Static

200 Static

120 Mobile


8,500kgs (18,700lbs)

17,000kgs (37, 478lbs)

15,200kgs (33,000lbs)

Working width

3.1m (10'2")

3.57m (11'7")

2.5m (8'2")

Working length

8.12m (26'8")

9.6m (31'4")

13.8m (45'2")

Working height

3.35m (11')

2.92m (9'5")

4.1m (13'5")

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