The Powerscreen® range of mobile conveyors is designed to work in conjunction with the entire range of washing and screening equipment. The range includes the following conveyors: T4026; T5032; T5036 and T6532. Conveyors can be electrically or hydraulically driven. With the mobile range the ability to radial increases stockpile capacity and reduces on-site material handling.


  • Concrete, mortar and asphalt sands
  • Quarry dust / crushed fines
  • Lake and beach sands
  • Silica sand for glass industry
  • Golf course sands
  • Filter bed sands
  • Recycled materials
  • Iron ore

Features & Benefits:

  • Capable of conveying up to 300 tph
  • Quick set up time typically under 5 minutes
  • Mobile unit with towbar and road wheels
  • Large stockpile capacity


  • Feedboot extension
  • Chevron belt
  • Heavy duty three ply belt
  • Coupled machine
  • Diesel powerunit
  • Hydraulic wheel drive
  • Electric drive
  • Transfer chute
  • Sand chute
  • Electric hydraulic radial wheel drive
  • Large electric drive
  • Track chassis (T5032/ T5036 only)


T4026 T5032 T5036 T6532
Weight 1,960kg/ 4,350lbs 2,200kg/ 4,850lbs 2,400kg/ 9,240lbs 6,420kg/ 14,150lbs
Width 2.5m/ 8'20" 2.5m/ 8'20" 2.5m/ 8'20" 2.5m/ 8'20"
Working length 11.6m/ 38'06" 14.3m/ 46'92" 14.3m/ 46'92" 19.48m/ 63'91"
Transport length 8.81m/ 28'90" 11.3m/ 37'07" 11.3m/ 37'07" 11.97m/ 39'27"
Height (stockpile max) 5.25m/ 17'22" 6.7m/ 21'98" 6.7m/ 21'98" 8.5m/ 27'89"
Stockpile capacity
Static 5.25m/ 17'22" 414m³/ 542yd³ 414m³/ 542yd³ 862m³/ 1,129yd³
Radial 60° arc 578m³/ 756yd³ 1,093m³/ 1,430yd³ 1,093m³/ 1,430yd³ 2,394m³/ 3,130yd³
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