Gresham Gravels

Material Source:
Feed material with a high sand to stone ratio with over burden clay issues.

Equipment Installed:
Terex®Aggwash 60 modular wash plant, Powerscrub™

Project Requirements:
To deliver a low level, low ground pressure footprint, high capacity, high efficiency processing plant that provides two premium grade sands and three quality aggregates at 60tph.

DUO's Solution:
Acquire information on their feed material, end user, and market demands were fundamental to develop a solution specific for the client. This involved supplying a plant that has the capability to process the clay over- burden and increase the efficiency and capacity of the previous fixed plant. The end result - a very innovative and compact design that provides the ability, especially on sand production, to have ultimate flexibility: making two sands at varying cuts - 0-4mm concrete sand and a 0-2mm fine sand and efficiently dealing with the over burden clay

Project Success:
A totally self-contained plant with the flexibility to develop where you want to go as the market trends change. This plant is the ideal solution for sites that need to increase their overall profitability.

John McGlinn – DUO Sales Manager, commented, “After initial conversations and the realisation that in the past they had to be very selective where they dug material due to the clay content in the over-burden layer, it was easy to recommend the Terex®Aggwash 60 with a logwash to break up the clay. They had to pre-screen the material in the previous operation therefore I was confident that not only would this save them time and make the operation more efficient they would also have more saleable material.”

Nicholas Deterding – Gresham Gravels MD, commented, “It really works very well, as at the start to test the plant we went specifically where we knew there was a fair bit of clay and the plant processed everything efficiently which makes life a lot simpler. We can now process all of the over-burden layer and our saleable product has increased. We were already fortunate to have a very low overall silt content of 4% and we now have the ability to market material that we had previously only sold as sand fill.”

John McGlinn, further commented, “The Terex® Aggwash 60 is an ideal plant for this type of operation at Sheringham offering a fully modular, pre-wired and pre-plumbed electric powered wash plant that will fit in a relatively small footprint. With a heavy-duty robust build, it is ideal for rugged operating environments and with a quick set-up time (approximately 1 week) it offers an environmentally friendly operation with zero exhaust emissions."

Nicholas, concluded, “We have had no quality issues with material sold, the end-product results in the sand with a 12% moisture which can go pretty much straight onto a truck. It’s a great plant that supplies us with very saleable products.”